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Create a small business marketing strategy that drives sales and impact.

Introducing Radiant Marketing’s Get it Glowing Starter Kit, a 5-week video and exercise-based online program.

Think of Get it Glowing as a mini-consulting package from the fabulous peeps of Radiant Marketing.

Whether you're in the process of launching your business, you're frustrated or overwhelmed by your marketing or you're seeking clarity around your existing brand, we're here to help. We want to bring the *love* back into marketing and growing your business by focusing on the foundational elements necessary for success.

Over years of experience working with small businesses, we've created a structured framework to guide you through the process of gaining insane clarity around who you are as a business, who your audience is and what message and identity you need to create to resonate with your ideal customers.

Nothing would make us happier than the opportunity to help you embrace your brand and successfully build your business.
What Get It Glowing Can Do For You

If you are ready to create sustainable growth for your small business and are willing to put in the work to get there (which we know you are - I mean, you did start your own business), this is the kit for you. We want you to be excited, confident and stress-free when it comes to marketing!

Our starter kit is designed to extract those little golden nuggets that already live within you and seamlessly weave them throughout all of your marketing in order to start seeing the growth you want to see within your business.

What You Get

CLARITY around your brand story, positioning, promise and identity

FOCUS that enables you to identify and define your most profitable audience

GUIDANCE from our dedicated team members

ACTIONABLE TAKEWAYS and a monthly action planner to clearly outline the next steps necessary to keep moving forward

Here’s How

Instructional Videos

The training is released in weekly modules with videos and exercises. We've intentionally made our videos short, sweet and to the point. Each video is specifically designed to get you started on the weekly exercises and guide you on your journey to getting your business glowing!

Small Business Resources

Our exercises will help you gain clarity about what you need to do to maximize the impact of your marketing, but in some cases, you may need some help. Our small business resources provide free and affordable resources to help guide you or take some of the implementation off your plate.

Comprehensive Exercises

While we can sit here & talk your ear off, we realize businesses get results from actually getting things done. Our program is heavily exercise-based, and both the exercises and videos live in our member only site. The outcome of this starter kit is dependent on you taking the time to complete the weekly exercises.

Private Facebook Group

With the purchase of Get it Glowing, you also receive access to our private Facebook Group, managed by the marketing specialists at Radiant Marketing. Should you have any questions, or hit any roadblocks on the way, we're here to help. You have your own marketing team by your side!
Some Happy Customers

“As someone who works with small business owners on a daily basis, I think this kit is wonderful! I get so many people who come into my office and have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing. This kit easily and clearly explains how to jumpstart your business's marketing. This kit provides amazing value for the cost.”

Katie Boddy, Small Business Analyst, AZSBDC

“The Get it Glowing Starter Kit was exactly what I needed to move forward with a marketing strategy. I had been struggling with the core brand message for my business for months and after just a few get it glowing sessions I nailed it! This kit not only helped me get to the essence of my brand, it equipped me with the direction and action plan for implementation into all facets of my business!”

Carla Reeves, Personal Mindset Coach

Meet Karen Cummings, Founder of Radiant Marketing and Creator of Get It Glowing

For nearly 10 years, Karen has provided strategic marketing solutions for small businesses. She's passionate about designing and implementing creative marketing strategies for small business owners just getting started who have limited budgets. She has a proven track record for building brand awareness, and driving leads and customers for small businesses.

Her professional experience and personal upbringing has provided her with a unique perspective on how to be extremely resourceful, efficient and effective in everything she does.

She created Get it Glowing to provide small business owners with an affordable solution to guide them through setting the foundation for future business and marketing success.